Specialized Transportation Industries Served

We have over 35 years of experience serving the following industries:

Life Sciences

Rapidly and protectively coordinating the special transportation of life-saving organs and tissue, blood, patient care products, and medical devices for transplant, surgical, and diagnostic needs.


Expeditiously transporting financial documents and checks for over 300 of the nation's largest banks.

Security Sensitive

Safely and securely transporting security sensitive data tapes and documents.

High Value

Secure overnight transportation and air charters of valuable items, including jewelry, furs, artwork, museum pieces, and cash.

Dangerous Goods

Safely shipping a wide range of hazardous materials with unmatched experience and expertise.

Forwarder/Logistics Industry

Overnight air transportation and air charters for freight forwarders and logistics companies.


Carefully transporting important documents, small parts and hazardous materials for the aerospace and aviation industries.


Swiftly transporting highly valuable, highly sensitive movies, television commercials, game films and other media products for the media and entertainment industries.


Securely transporting people, materials and packages for government agencies.

High Tech

Specialized transportation of high tech products quickly and reliably, from semiconductors to storage blades.

Medical Devices

Fast, secure air transportation of medical devices and surgical equipment.

If your specialized transportation and shipping needs are more complex or not covered above, please contact our Customer Resource Center at 800-999-0974.

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