Life Sciences

Organs for Transplant & Research
With organ transplantation, the difference between life and death can be measured in minutes. AirNet provides unparalleled shipping efficiency combined with utmost sensitivity with the donor family in mind. We are the industry leader in around-the-clock service and on-time delivery. We also provide on-demand charter service to quickly transport organs as well as transplant teams.

The transportation of bone, skin, connective, and other human tissue requires specialized handling during both the recovery and distribution processes. AirNet specializes in the time-critical, temperature-controlled shipment of recovered tissue and related serology. With our extensive transportation network and earliest arrivals in the industry, your shipment can be delivered early in the morning to meet surgery schedules.

Clinical Trials
Researchers and developers cannot afford to have the integrity of a valuable study compromised by transportation or timing errors. AirNet offers unmatched flexibility and reliability from protocol to study close, from investigator to central lab, throughout the United States.

Cellular Therapy
Patient-specific cell therapies require extraordinary transportation solutions and precision logistics. Our transportation process can be validated and customized to meet the most stringent demands. AirNet pays careful attention to every single detail, from scheduling to package orientation during shipment.

Blood Banking
AirNet provides blood banks, hospitals, and testing labs with the most flexible service, the latest departures, and the earliest arrivals in the industry - providing more donor time, earlier results, and greater resource-sharing capabilities.

Cord Blood Banking
When umbilical cord blood is collected for banking, shorter transit time means greater stem cell viability. AirNet's flight schedules allow for prompt pickup from the hospital room and delivery to the cord blood bank, carefully following AABB temperature guidelines during air transit. When transporting stem cells for transplant, we handle LN2 vapor shippers with constant care and proper container orientation.

Diagnostic and Laboratory Services
With our flexible transportation network, including the AirNet owned and operated fleet of aircraft, we can meet the most demanding needs of labs and physicians. Reduced turnaround time means quicker results. A shipment at a time or by the planeload, we can operate your transportation network for you.

Animal Reproduction
Improve your conception rates with the fastest, most flexible and reliable solution to your on-demand breed­ing shipment needs. We provide time-critical shipping of cooled and frozen semen. AirNet also ships embryos, blood and specimens for lab work, hormones, medications, and almost anything that can be involved in the reproductive process.

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