Life Sciences Logistics Solutions

In the critical realm of life sciences logistics, there is no margin for error, no time to spare and no second chance. These situations require more than a shipping company. You need the proven life sciences logistics solutions of AirNet. Our solution specialists, who thoroughly understand both life sciences and transportation, are absolutely committed to meeting your unique needs.

Regardless of your urgent shipping needs - blood transportation, organ transportation, tissue transportation or otherwise - our unmatched transportation resources allow us to optimize the handling of your life sciences logistics with around-the-clock service.

AirNet's life sciences logistics specialties

At AirNet, we are specifically equipped to expertly handle temperature-controlled containers. Accordingly, our specialties cover a wide range of potential life sciences logistics needs:

  • Organs for transplant and research
  • Tissue
  • Clinical trials
  • Cellular therapy
  • Blood transport and banking
  • Cord blood banking
  • Diagnostic and laboratory services
  • Animal Reproduction

Like you, AirNet is always on call

Need immediate assistance with life sciences logistics? Our private aircraft fleet and extensive transportation network are ready to serve you anytime, anywhere. Call 800-999-0974 or email today!

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