AirNet Implements Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP)

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COLUMBUS, Ohio – September 4, 2012 – AirNet Cargo Charter Services, a leading small package express cargo airline, today announced a new Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP) to enhance aviation safety throughout its airline. AirNet is one of only 100 major, regional, fractional, and cargo airlines that have this program in place.

ASAP is a voluntary reporting program that allows AirNet’s pilots to identify and report safety issues to management and the FAA without fear that the FAA will use reports accepted under the program to take enforcement or disciplinary action against them. Through this system, AirNet and its pilots have access to valuable safety information that might not otherwise be obtained.

"Improving airline safety largely depends on our ability to capture and analyze safety data, use that information to develop safer systems, and implement corrective actions before accidents occur. Naturally, pilots are sometimes reluctant to report data that might result in the FAA undertaking enforcement action against them, stated Tom Schaner, Vice President of Operations for AirNet. "As a result, important information that may be critical to identifying potential safety issues often goes unreported. The ASAP program provides an important, previously unavailable, source of data collected quickly and directly from our pilots to improve the day-to-day safe operation of our airline."

At the heart of AirNet’s ASAP program is the event review committee, comprised of an FAA representative, an AirNet pilot representative, and an AirNet management representative. The event review committee is responsible for reviewing reports and must achieve unanimous consensus on each event that is reported including, whether a report is accepted into the program as well as the corrective action recommendations arising from the event.

"For pilots involved in a safety event, the program promises the response to reports will be both non-punitive, and non-disciplinary. Names are not important; events are," confirmed Jason Keith, Director of Training at AirNet. "The goals of the ASAP program are to identify safety trends, increase awareness of safety issues to flight crews, provide feedback to the training department to help develop better training scenarios, and revise company procedures or SOP's in tune with current safety trends."

About AirNet Cargo Charter Services:
Headquartered in Columbus, OH, AirNet Cargo Charter Services is a leading small package express cargo airline that services a wide array of industries that require speed, reliability, flexibility, and security in the transportation of high-priority shipments. The company was founded in 1974 and operates a fleet of more than 120 aircraft that conduct hundreds of scheduled and on-demand charter flights per night throughout North America. AirNet is one of the largest specialized air cargo airlines in the nation and the largest commercial operator of Cessna aircraft in the world. To learn more, visit

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